Fugio Friday: v3.0.0

Happy Fugio Friday!

Finally, after months of work we have reached a new release: v3.0.0

Download Fugio 3.0.0

If you’ve been following the development builds over the first few months of this year, you’ll know there’s been a lot of changes going on, which are all rounded up in this release.

The most recent changes over the couple of weeks:


  • Added a functional WebSocketServer for connecting Fugio with external services – more on this to come soon…
  • Added Core/Decimate
  • Added Math/BitsToInts
  • First full snapcraft release


  • All math logic nodes now take arrays of booleans (instead of bitarray)
  • Compiles with FFMPEG 4.0
  • macOS build now use Qt 5.10.1


  • There was a new crash caused when linking pasted nodes

Have a good weekend!

Fugio Friday: 13th April 2018

Happy Fugio Friday!

This week I’ve been catching up with some issues reported by our ever diligent users!

  • NEW: Drag new nodes onto existing links to insert them
  • UPDATED: toString() for Vector3 and Integer
  • UPDATED: Added some missing dependencies for Linux
  • FIXED: dlib/FaceFeatures
  • FIXED: Firmata now saves and restores pin types
  • FIXED: Crash in Firmata
  • FIXED: Pasting nodes in group resets the view to the root node
  • FIXED: FFMPEG/ImageConvert wasn’t resizing properly
  • FIXED: OpenGL/ArrayToIndex
  • FIXED: ARToolKit examples

Download the updated binaries here.

Have a good weekend!

Fugio Friday: 6th April 2018

Happy Fugio Friday!

This week we have a new node for capturing raw audio data (currently mono only) and making it available as an array, which can then be used by many other nodes include Lua scripting (as we can see in this new example) or OpenGL shaders.

  • NEW: Audio To Array node
  • UPDATE: Added array support to Easy Shader 2D

Available for download now.

Have a good weekend!

Fugio Friday: 30th March 2018

Another small development update this week…

  • UPDATE: ImageLoader converts indexed images to RGBA
  • UPDATE: Lua Json parsing can get objects too
  • FIXED: Rewind in Media Processor

Am currently shifting the macOS compiling to a new dedicated computer which will increase the requirements for the macOS build to require El Capitan (10.11).

Keeping backwards compatibility in macOS is a complex task.  While Apple’s official stance is that later versions of the OS should be able to compile apps that work on earlier versions, the reality is that it is all too easy to slip up and compile binaries that aren’t compatible at all but there are no errors or warnings.

To preserve what little sanity I have left, I’m installing a Mac Mini with El Capitan and adding it to my build farm.  This should generate solid compatible binaries for at least another year.

While I’ve worked hard to support 10.9 and 10.10 over the years, it takes progressively more work so I have to draw the line somewhere so I can focus on features rather than the builds.

The code should remain backwards compatible, so if you need a 10.9 or 10.10 build, you will be able to compile it yourself.

Have a good (Easter) weekend…

Fugio Friday: 23rd March 2018

Happy Fugio Friday!

Just a small development update this week as I’m currently in Helsinki for the kick off meeting for the EMARE residency I’ll be doing at Laboral in Spain later this year.

  • NEW: Image Split – splits a multi-buffer image (such as YUV) into its individual buffers
  • NEW: Added Lua/Always Random example
  • UPDATED: OpenGL Buffer pin shows more info
  • FIXED: Oculus Rift OpenGL issue
  • FIXED: Video Capture camera selection
  • FIXED: ARToolKit Tracker and ParamLoad issues (thanks Michele)
  • FIXED: UTF-8 string handling in Lua and GUI/String (thanks b4zz4)

Have a good weekend!

Fugio Friday: 16th March 2018

Happy Fugio Friday!

I had a great time in Texas last week with the exhibition, giving lectures and workshops, eating steaks, driving around, and buying a very fetching pair of cowboy boots.

And this Saturday I’ll be showing my Oculus Rift based VR artwork ‘Sequence‘ made with Fugio at the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford.

There’s a new development update, which you can download here, that fixes a couple of issues that users have raised this week:

  • NEW: FFMPEG/Sound Effects example showing how to play single shot sounds
  • FIXED: Loop Count wasn’t working properly on Media Player
  • FIXED: Media Player audio playback needed a refresh
  • FIXED: Lua library installation fix for macOS

As the new functionality for 3.0.0 is pretty much there, I will be aiming to release it soon once I’ve done some more testing and fixed a couple of issues with the Firmata plugin.

Have a great weekend!

Fugio Friday: 2nd March 2018

Happy Fugio Friday!

There’s been another busy week working on the upcoming 3.0.0 release, the results of which can be downloaded in the latest development builds.

  • NEW: Freeframe plugin with support for 1.0 and FFGL plugins.  Set the paths to the plugins in the Fugio preferences.  Please remember that only 32-bit builds can load 32-bit Freeframe plugins (and vice versa for 64-bit).
  • NEW: Experimental fast input pin setting – press and hold the left mouse button on an input pin until the slider pops up
  • NEW: Spout to Image example
  • NEW: Flip image flag added to Spout Sender
  • UPDATED: Rate Control has a proper trigger pin now
  • FIXED: Issues with new Windows installer that fixes the application icon and plugin loading (thanks truthcollins)
  • FIXED: OpenGL debugging was still on in release builds

I’m flying off to Texas tomorrow for an exhibition, so there almost certainly won’t be a Fugio Friday next week.

Have a great weekend.

Fugio Friday: 23rd February 2018

Happy Fugio Friday!

I’m currently in Belfast having just given a talk for the Northern Ireland Science Festival.

Check out this cool patch that uses your webcam to create two areas on the screen that act like buttons, which you can use to trigger off whatever you like!  Yes, I know my hand is blue – I’m working on that…  It’s available under the Video Capture examples in the File menu.

The latest development builds are available for download with new command line options for controlling the loading of plugins.

You can install the snap build using the following:

snap install --edge fugio --devmode

  • NEW: Command Line Options (see below for examples)
  • NEW: Experimental Linux snap builds for i386, x64, and armhf
  • NEW: Core/ProcessClick node
  • NEW: Two Video Buttons and Multiple AND examples
  • UPDATE: OpenCV/CountNonZero accepts a Region Of Interest (ROI)
  • FIXED: Kinect wasn’t working properly after image changes

Command Line Options

The new command line options for Fugio allow you to enable or disable plugin loading, set the OpenGL backed, set the language, and define variables for plugins.

The path to the Fugio or FugioShow executable is different on each platform:


C:\Program Files\Fugio\bin\Fugio.exe




which fugio

Replace [fugio] in the examples below with the path to the Fugio or FugioShow application on your platform.

Show the command line options:

[fugio] -h

Only load the core and math plugins:

[fugio] --enable-plugin fugio-core --enable-plugin fugio-math

Don’t load the PortAudio plugin:

[fugio] --disable-plugin fugio-portaudio

Run Fugio in German:

[fugio] --locale de

Run Fugio in Spanish:

[fugio] -l es

Load a patch:

[fugio] path/to/your/patch.fug

You can load more than one patch by listing them all on the command line.

Have a good weekend!