Fugio Friday: 8th June 2018

Happy Fugio Friday!

In the last couple of weeks I was at the Eden Project in Cornwall for the opening of their new Invisible Worlds exhibition, where I have a Fugio based interactive installation that’s been running happily for three years now. I gave a talk about my art practice and Fugio, and took this algorithmic photography of the Infinity Blue installation.

Additionally, I’ve been mainly working on finishing off my new art installation for the Francis Crick Institute in London, but I managed to work on a couple of notable fixes for our Early Adopters.

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Fugio Friday – 21st October 2016

Happy Fugio Friday!

This last week I went down to Cornwall for a meeting at Eden Project that I am one of several artists and many scientists who are were called on for some advice for a large project they’re working on.

It was also a great opportunity to check on the status of the interactive Fugio powered installation “The Human Super Organism” that I installed as part of their Invisible You permanent exhibition.

The Human Super Organism

Eden Project gets around one million visitors a year, so it’s an amazing opportunity to see how Fugio copes with that level of activity.  I’m happy to report, other than someone managing to steal the Leap Motion sensor (we’ve locked it down now!), the installation has run perfectly since it was installed, so I’m chuffed about that!

As well as giving a talk about my art practise and Fugio as part of Lewes Light last week, it’s been a busy week with no time for programming, so no Fugio updates this week.  I’m off to Cambridge next week and should have some time for something new…

Have a good week!