Fugio Friday: 8th June 2018

Happy Fugio Friday!

In the last couple of weeks I was at the Eden Project in Cornwall for the opening of their new Invisible Worlds exhibition, where I have a Fugio based interactive installation that’s been running happily for three years now. I gave a talk about my art practice and Fugio, and took this algorithmic photography of the Infinity Blue installation.

Additionally, I’ve been mainly working on finishing off my new art installation for the Francis Crick Institute in London, but I managed to work on a couple of notable fixes for our Early Adopters.

  • NEW: Fugio is now a signed application on macOS, which means that it should be more acceptable for the various security checks that users experience when installing applications outside of the app store (thanks Winfred)
  • FIXED: Lua was broken again on macOS after shifting to the new build machine (thanks Mic)
  • FIXED: QtQuick plugins were not being installed on Windows and macOS

Download Fugio 3.1.0 Early Access

Have a good weekend!

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