FreeFrame and FFGL plugins

As of 2022, I released all my FreeFrame plugins for free along with all source code onto GitHub.

About FreeFrame

FreeFrame is an open-source, cross-platform plugin system for video effects.  It is predominantly utilised by VJ software as the effects are tailored for real-time operation.

I also wrote an After Effects plugin called FrameRunner to allow use of FreeFrame plugins.  You can find FrameRunner here.

The original FreeFrame 1.0 was designed for manipulating video on the CPU and not taking advantage of the parallel processing power of GPU’s.  FFGL (or FreeFrame 1.5) adds support for OpenGL processing, including using shaders.

  • fugFreeFrame-1.12.0 – a collection of FreeFrame 1.0 effects (source code + Windows binaries)
  • fugCompilerGL-0.0.1 – FFGL plugin that allows you to create your own shaders without compiling. Alpha: doesn’t support variables yet.
  • fugWrapperGL-1.0.4 – FFGL wrapper for FreeFrame 1.0 effects

FreeFrame 1.0 plugins

These plugins are included in the fugFreeFrame collection

  • fugBlender – super slow motion frame blending
  • fugChromaParallax – separate frame by chroma values and apply a parallax effect
  • fugHueKey – soft-edge chroma-key based on hue
  • fugLuma3D – converts the frame to a pseudo perspective projection; depth based on luminance
  • fugLumaBendMask – a free-form horizontal and vertical image scaling effect based on luminance input
  • fugLumaParallax – separate frame by luminance values and apply a parallax effect
  • fugMidiOut – allows a FreeFrame host to send MIDI control codes
  • fugMotionMatte – various effects from the differences between consecutive frames of video
  • fugRGBChannelKey – keying based on RGB channels
  • fugRGBKey – keying based on RGB values
  • fugRGBMixer – mix video streams based on RGB values
  • fugScope – real-time audio oscilloscope from your sound card
  • fugSobel – implementation of the Sobel edge detection algorithm
  • fugStreamReceive – receive a video stream sent from fugStreamSend
  • fugStreamRecord – record a video stream to disk sent from fugStreamSend
  • fugStreamSend – sends the video from one FreeFrame host to another
  • fugThermal – a pseudo heat-map effect
  • fugThresholdKey – combines frames of video based on a luminance threshold
  • fugVideoSampler – record and playback small loops of video on the fly