Tutorial #1 – Winamp AVS to VidStreamTester

In this first tutorial we’ll be installing the Video Streaming System and connecting Winamp’s Advanced Visualisation Studio to the fugVidStreamTester application to make sure the system is working as expected.

Because Winamp only runs on Microsoft Windows this tutorial is only applicable to Windows users.  In later tutorials we’ll see how to send the output of Winamp AVS to another computer, which could be another Windows machine or an Apple Mac.


Winamp Version Problem

Winamp AVS is not currently compatible with the very latest version of Winamp (currently 5.63)

You can use:


It is expected that you will be comfortable downloading and installing applications, as well as downloading ZIP archives and copying files into your Windows system directories.

You will need to download


  1. Install Winamp by running the installer
  2. Unzip fugVidStreamTool and copy fugVidStreamLib2.dll to
    • C:\Windows\System32 (for 32-bit Windows)
    • C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (for 64-bit Windows)
  3. Unzip Winamp AVS Video Streamer and copy vis_avs_fug.dll to
    • C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins (for 32-bit Windows)
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins (for 64-bit Windows)


1. Run Winamp

2. Load some music and start playing (some visualisations don’t appear to be working if there is no music)

3. Open the Winamp menu by clicking on the symbol at the top left of the window


4. Select Visualisation and then Select plug-in (or press Ctrl+K)

5. A window will appear that should contain the line “AVS + fugStreaming v2.81d [vis_avs_fug.dll]”


6. Click on that line to select it and close the window

7. From the Winamp menu, select Visualisation and Start/Stop plug-in (or press Ctrl+Shift+K)

8. Right-click on the new window that opens and choose “AVS Editor”

9. In the Settings menu, choose “Streaming”

10. Click the “Stream” checkbox


11. Run fugVidStreamTool

12. You should now see the output from Winamp AVS automatically appear in the fugVidStreamTool.  Congratulations, it works!



Winamp doesn’t show “AVS + fugStreaming v2.81d” as a visualisation plugin

  • Make sure you’ve copied the vis_avs_fug.dll to the Plugins sub-directory of your Winamp installation directory
  • If you have more than one version of Winamp installed (2.95 and 5.xx for instance) make sure you are running the right one
  • If you haven’t copied the fugVidStreamLib2.dll to your Windows System32 or SysWOW64 directory, the plugin won’t be able to load
  • Open your Winamp preferences (Winamp Menu -> Options -> Preferences… or Ctrl+P)
    • Select Plug-ins in the left hand list
    • Click the “Flush plug-in name cache” button

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  1. Support for 5.666 plz, it is last and final version that will probably ever be made of winamp since it got bought out.

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