Fugio Friday: 18th May 2018

Happy Fugio Friday!

This week I have a big new development update for you to download.  This is the first release under the new membership system, which I’ll explain below.


  • QML plugin for creating dynamic user interfaces to your patches
  • QR Code scanner plugin (using the quirc library by Daniel Beer)
  • JSON parsing and querying plugin
  • Save revision (file menu)
  • Save/load data (file menu)
  • Added Spout examples
  • Added keyboard support to OpenGL window
  • Added Italian translation files


  • Selecting text and pressing Tab (or Shift and Tab) increases (or decreases) the indentation of that block
  • Refactored OpenGL for better support of different threads.
  • OpenGL automatically creates a context now, so we don’t need to add a Context node, which is being deprecated but still backwards compatible
  • Improved Lua’s JSON support to make traversing documents easier (still working on this)


  • Context wasn’t saving the editor layout


The source code is available on GitHub

From now on, downloads of weekly development releases will be available exclusively to members in return for a small monthly donation.

Full releases will continue to be public and free to download.

Why charge money at all?  Isn’t it free software?

Fugio has always been, and will continue to be, free (gratis) software.  The membership is an entirely optional arrangement for users to support an active and ongoing open source project.

I’d also like to buy hardware so I can add support for more devices in Fugio.

Why not use Patreon or similar sites?

Sites such as Patreon are great, and I tried it for a while, but I realised that I have all the technology on this website to do the same thing, meaning that I get a higher percentage of your donation (I still have to pay for PayPal/card processing), and I don’t have to worry about a third party site deciding to change its business model overnight.

If you have any questions about the membership system, leave a comment below.

Have a great weekend.

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