Fugio Friday: v3.0.0

Happy Fugio Friday!

Finally, after months of work we have reached a new release: v3.0.0

Download Fugio 3.0.0

If you’ve been following the development builds over the first few months of this year, you’ll know there’s been a lot of changes going on, which are all rounded up in this release.

The most recent changes over the couple of weeks:


  • Added a functional WebSocketServer for connecting Fugio with external services – more on this to come soon…
  • Added Core/Decimate
  • Added Math/BitsToInts
  • First full snapcraft release


  • All math logic nodes now take arrays of booleans (instead of bitarray)
  • Compiles with FFMPEG 4.0
  • macOS build now use Qt 5.10.1


  • There was a new crash caused when linking pasted nodes

Have a good weekend!

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