Painting With Light 1.7.0

Painting With Light 1.7.0 version released.

It’s been a while but I’ve updated my video mapping software Painting With Light to 1.7.0. It’s mainly a bug fix release that generally improves the usability of the software – trying to address all those little annoying bugs that popped up during workshops!

The biggest change is that the Windows version is now 64-bit (for the first time) and the macOS version now requires 10.13+ (High Sierra).

Work has been progressing towards a 2.0 release that involves a rewrite of the rendering system. I’m not currently working on video mapping projects (although I have plans) so it’s a bit slow going. If you have any particular features you’d like to see included then feel free to add a comment below.

Version 1.7.0 of Painting With Light Demo for Windows (Windows 10)
Released: 20-Oct-2019

Version 1.7.0 of Painting With Light Demo for macOS (10.13+)
Released: 20-Oct-2019

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