Painting With Light 1.7.0

Painting With Light 1.7.0 version released.

It’s been a while but I’ve updated my video mapping software Painting With Light to 1.7.0. It’s mainly a bug fix release that generally improves the usability of the software – trying to address all those little annoying bugs that popped up during workshops!

The biggest change is that the Windows version is now 64-bit (for the first time) and the macOS version now requires 10.13+ (High Sierra).

Work has been progressing towards a 2.0 release that involves a rewrite of the rendering system. I’m not currently working on video mapping projects (although I have plans) so it’s a bit slow going. If you have any particular features you’d like to see included then feel free to add a comment below.

Version 1.7.0 of Painting With Light Demo for Windows (Windows 10)
Released: 20-Oct-2019

Version 1.7.0 of Painting With Light Demo for macOS (10.13+)
Released: 20-Oct-2019

3 thoughts on “Painting With Light 1.7.0”

  1. is it possible to get the license key for pwl so i can transfer it to a laptop…i hate moving my pc because it is the one with the license for pwl…do you still have plans for creating a pi version? that would be the ideal method for making this the best portable video tagging software…it seems as if you are busy so dont hop on my account…just looking for some flexibility….happy new year…

  2. Hi, great piece of software!
    I tested many mapping software (madmapper,mapio,mapmap, vpt etc) but some are to complex for my goals or some too expensive or function limited, so I think to bought your.
    I need to create some simple projection during the concert my pop band (when Covid will be gone).
    I have two questions: when insert some video file the frame rate is very low, sometimes appear as to load cache then it start normally, sometimes not. I tried with big files .mp4 (30-40 Mb) but is the same with more smaller files (2-3Mb) its a demo limit? My test pc is a Intel I5 8Gb W10 with integrated video card.
    And last, could be great have a function to fade between columns of sequencer, you have planned to do it?

    1. Hi Paolo, are the video files very high resolution? For video mapping, I tend to scale down my videos to be 256×256 or 512×512 depending on how much of the screen they will cover. I don’t have any updates for the sequencer yet, but the fading idea is a nice one!

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