FFGL Power Spectrum for Windows


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This version is for Windows only.

A real-time power spectrum FreeFrame plugin

Reads the audio coming in on your default recording device and draws a configurable range of FFT power spectrums


  • Config – selects the different presentation configurations
  • Arrange – mirrors the audio data
  • Position – positions the output around the screen
  • Scale – adjusts the vertical scale of the audio signal
  • Point Width – the width of the line (or pixels) drawn
  • Bands – the number of vertical frequency bands
  • Band Width – how wide the frequency bands are
  • Lines – draws horizontal lines
  • Attack – how quickly the bands react to new audio signals
  • Decay – how quickly the bands fade out

Tested on:

  • Resolume Avenue 4.2.1
  • FreeFrameDelphiHost


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