fugBlender: Multiple Video Projector Blending Tool (WIP)

I’m currently working on a new software tool for working with multiple video projectors, allowing them to be overlaid and creating bigger (or brighter) projections.

It’s very quick and easy to layout and blend the projectors together, and once done, the tool can show video streamed using Syphon (on Mac), Spout (on Windows), and NDI (on Mac/Windows/Linux).

It supports any number of projectors, and devices such as Matrox’s TripleHead2Go.

fugBlender is currently still in development but if you want to hear when it’s released, join the bigfug software newsletter:

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Fugio Tutorial 8 – OpenGL live coding, Spout and Syphon

New Fugio video tutorial covering OpenGL shader live coding, sharing OpenGL textures between many applications in real time using Spout (Windows) and Syphon (OS X), and rendering to texture for complex, multi-stage shader processing. Not expecting to get too much coding done this week as I’m off to Ars Electronica this week in Linz, Austria this week. Have fun with the update!

Download Fugio 1.7.0 for Windows and OS X

Get the source code for compiling on Linux


  • Spout and Syphon plugins
  • Added live coding support to OpenGL shader compiler
  • Added trigger and buffer pins to Text Editor
  • Added Brew install/update script for OS X
  • Added LuaVector3D


  • Progress on building on Raspberry Pi 3, including cross compile


  • Fixed some issues with MIDI Channel Input listening
  • Fixes some update issues in PinPrivate
  • Image Loader wasn’t always showing the thumbnail

Painting With Light new manual and tutorial

painting_with_light_milkdrop_spoutMy video mapping software Painting With Light has been living on it’s own website since it launched.  I’ve been planning to incorporate it onto the main bigfug.com website for a while now, and you may have noticed that this process is now underway.

By having all my software on one site I have less web admin to do and it provides a more consistent interface.

I’ve also been working on a new Painting With Light manual to replace the wiki and this is now available here.  I’m still working on it but it contains all the information from the wiki (and more) and can even be downloaded in a PDF for offline reference.

Additionally, there is a new Painting With Light tutorial that uses Winamp, Spout, and Milkdrop to feed live audio visualisation graphics into PWL for video mapping.

Finally, there was a minor release of Painting With Light over the weekend.  Version 1.4.893 is available for download on both Windows and OSX.