Painting With Light new manual and tutorial

painting_with_light_milkdrop_spoutMy video mapping software Painting With Light has been living on it’s own website since it launched.  I’ve been planning to incorporate it onto the main website for a while now, and you may have noticed that this process is now underway.

By having all my software on one site I have less web admin to do and it provides a more consistent interface.

I’ve also been working on a new Painting With Light manual to replace the wiki and this is now available here.  I’m still working on it but it contains all the information from the wiki (and more) and can even be downloaded in a PDF for offline reference.

Additionally, there is a new Painting With Light tutorial that uses Winamp, Spout, and Milkdrop to feed live audio visualisation graphics into PWL for video mapping.

Finally, there was a minor release of Painting With Light over the weekend.  Version 1.4.893 is available for download on both Windows and OSX.

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