Painting With Light 1.5.1 BETA

I’ve made a new release of Painting With Light for OSX and Windows that fixes a couple of critical bugs in the Sequencer, and adds this rather lovely installer for OSX! Improved HAP playback reliability Fixed crash when loading images into Sequencer Fixed Sequencer drag and drop under OSX New version number scheme (as I’ve switched … Continue reading “Painting With Light 1.5.1 BETA”

Painting With Light 1.5.1160 BETA

Following feedback from the Toy Hack Digital Metropolis workshop over the weekend, I’ve addressed a few requests and bugs: NEW: Supports animated GIF’s! FIX: Fixed video output bugs FIX: Line Width wasn’t being enabled correctly FIX: Issues where shape handles were difficult to grab have been fixed FIX: Sometimes textures would appear in 3×3 mapping … Continue reading “Painting With Light 1.5.1160 BETA”

Painting With Light 1.5.1145 BETA

What’s new in this version: NEW: border_red.mp4 loop! CHANGE: Sequencer always jumps to another clip on random (never loops) CHANGE: Layer blending only occurs when there is some data in the new layer CHANGE: New Image asks for confirmation if changes not saved FIX: Slow video playback when using more than four textures FIX: New … Continue reading “Painting With Light 1.5.1145 BETA”

Painting With Light 1.5.1128 BETA

What’s new in this version: NEW: OSX version now up to date with all 1.5 beta changes CHANGE: Layer blending is now compatible with OpenGL 2.1 (was 3.0 in 1.5.1110) FIX: Textures don’t show fringing at edges now FIX: Fixed recent mapping issues on all line tools FIX: Fixed a crash in 1.5 when some … Continue reading “Painting With Light 1.5.1128 BETA”

Painting With Light 1.5.1110 BETA – AUDIO!!!

The second 1.5 beta is now available for testing.  Only for Windows at the moment as I’ve just moved house and I forgot where I put the power lead for the Mac monitor… This update features some very exciting new features and improvements to the editing environment: NEW: Audio playback! NEW: Layer mask editor! NEW: … Continue reading “Painting With Light 1.5.1110 BETA – AUDIO!!!”

Painting With Light 1.5 BETA

A new beta version is available for testing that features the following major changes: A brand new plugin that does texture sequencing Compiled under, and tested with Windows 10 Download Painting With Light 1.5.1000 BETA for Windows Painting With Light 1.5.1000 BETA for OSX As this is a beta, I haven’t written up the Sequencer … Continue reading “Painting With Light 1.5 BETA”

New Painting With Light installations

This weekend I set up a new Painting With Light audio/visual installation at Watermans Arts Centre in London using the new audio playback features in the 1.5 beta. I also ran a workshop with Exploring Senses through a Brighton Digital Festival Education Award for thirty 13-19 year olds who hacked toys, built a cardboard city for … Continue reading “New Painting With Light installations”

Painting With Light: Easy Video Mapping Software

Painting With Light is a complete video mapping tool that enables artists of any technical ability to paint with static and moving images through any video projector onto 3D physical objects. Download the latest version of Painting With Light for free from GitHub: What is Video Mapping? Video projectors are designed to project a single … Continue reading “Painting With Light: Easy Video Mapping Software”