Fugio Friday – ARToolKit

Happy Fugio Friday!

Today I’m heading to the airport to catch a plane to Cork to speak at MAKE 2017 Symposium about Art and Biology (tickets) including several projects that I’ve worked on using Fugio.

Fugio version 2.5.0 is available for download/update now featuring a new Augmented Reality plugin (utilising the ARToolKit5 library) that allows mixing live video and 3D computer generated graphics in real time.  There are a couple of examples for marker tracking and using the 3D camera.

Last week we had the first Fugio workshop with a fantastic group of intrepid participants.  We covered a lot of topics and it was a great experience for me to see first hand how people find their first experiences with Fugio.

Fugio workshop at Phoenix Brighton

Update your existing installation by running the MaintenanceTool in the Fugio application directory, or download the latest installer:

Download Fugio 2.5.0 for Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Download Fugio 2.5.0 for macOS (OS X) (Mavericks 10.9+)


  • ARToolKit plugin (suggested by MC)
  • Added dialog to Video Capture for more control over the resolution, frame rate, and format of the captured image
  • Ceil, Floor, and Round nodes added to Math plugin (suggested by WN)
  • Support for UYUY, 32S, and 32F images
  • DistanceTransform, ConvertTo, Add nodes in OpenCV


  • Linux build up to date (reported by BF)


  • PortMidi could crash if there weren’t any devices when a MIDI Input node was added (reported by AS)
  • Stability fixes for TCP Send/Receive
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