Using code inside Fugio

Screenshot 2016-02-26 09.51.23

An example of using code in Fugio when it makes sense to (trying out the new 2D drawing functionality).

While the node interface is a great way of creating reusable components of code that don’t change much, it isn’t a good fit when you’re trying to define very custom logic. If we stuck to just using nodes, we’d need huge trees of small nodes that would be difficult to build, debug, and maintain, and would have performance overhead implications. Sometimes writing code is just much more efficient in all of these areas, and the design of Fugio recognises this.

Therefore, we can use code, but just when we need to. I feel this offers a good balance between flexibility and simple design.

In other news, there has been a great deal of (boring) work done on refining the editor and hammering out all those little bugs that don’t break things but are just annoying.

The cross-platform installer is under way, with an almost working OSX one done, and a Windows version not far behind. I’m not focussing on Linux right now, as it’s a huge amount of work just supporting two platforms!

I’ve also done some development on the audio side, with the signal generator node receiving quite a bit of focus. I’m using it to build some very basic (at present) synthesisers!

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