New Fugio Editor Features

Screenshot 2016-02-06 07.39.27

Several new features have been added to Fugio in the past week while enjoying a bit of Californian winter sunshine!

  • Editor zooming – and general trackpad navigation improvements
  • Node grouping – group nodes into nested groups making it much easier to understand the structure of complicated patches
  • Snippets – save a re-usable sub-set of nodes to a ‘snippet’ that can be drag and dropped into new patches
  • Rewrote the audio input node so it’s working well now with FFT analysis, etc
  • Finished off split/join framework where a pin that contains data such as a colour can be right clicked on and a menu of nodes appears to split the colour into RGBA or HSLA etc values

With these additions, I think I’m pretty happy with the level of functionality of the editor so next step is to go through the whole code base and get it ready for its public release.

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