I sat down and wrote a Qt/C++/LUA based multi-user live programming environment based somewhat on LambdaMOO for experimenting with artificial intelligence algorithms for digital art projects.

If the previous sentence didn’t make much sense to you then this project is WAY too early stage for you (sorry!!)

It works but is very basic, untested, and has no core database or documentation to speak of.

If you’re interested in something that bleeding edge (you’ll have to read the source code to get going) then you can download the distribution below that includes source code (apart from LUA 5.1.4) and a compiled binary for Windows.



I’m interested in combining it with some other libraries such as Bullet Physics (for doing nearest neighbour searching and collision detection), and technologies such as OSC and MIDI (and perhaps visualisation tools such as Processing or vvvv) for allowing MOO objects to interact with the outside world.

Perhaps using a Kinect to feed physical presence of visitors to a public/gallery space into a virtual world where either virtual people and/or programmed entities could interact with them.

I’m going to shelve this for the moment (April 2012) but drop me a line if you’re interested in this field and want to get something going.

Old Versions


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