The End Game for Software

I think we’re in the end game. I think that Learning to Code is a last ditch cry to wrestle control and we’re too late. I think that the cost of major software is spiralling to zero and, just like the music industry, the focus is now on mass adoption with revenues generated around the product, not from it. It happened on the web and it happened on your phone and in your home. They’re coming for open-source, they’re coming for us lone developers, they’re controlling the formation of culture, and they have a leash for us all. If you’re going to code then code to distrupt, code to disseminate, code with fire and bile and fury. No one may thank you but stand against the wave in the best way you can and hold fast. Coding is a manifestation of imagination and will; whose do you choose?

c ClimP xu

3 thoughts on “The End Game for Software”

    1. I don’t have any answers at all..but find it fascinating that Code IS an art in itself- particularly fascinating and evidenced in the audio visual media artists such as Alex May, HC Gilje, Processing Team , Eric Wenger and many others who are very literate ,inventive , creative and technically accomplished in Code as well as audiovisual domains.

      1. Code/coding is “merely” a new type of paint/painting. It certainly can be an art, just like painting. But sometimes you’re just painting a house. Developing a coding tool for yourself or other artists is like formulating a new color of paint, or inventing spray paint, both of which can be bespoke components of a new piece of art, or can be sold to other artists or house-painters. It’s all in the intention. Who’s the target audience – patrons or customers? It may be possible but rare for something to satisfy both intentions well.

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