Resolume 6 and bigfug FFGL plugins

Resolume 6 just came out of beta in the last couple of weeks and I’ve been getting a steady stream of emails from people who find that my FFGL plugins don’t work with it.

UPDATE: Plugins now available for Windows and macOS

This is because – until now – most FFGL utilising software (including Resolume 2, 3, 4, and 5) have been 32-bit based.  Now, with Resolume 6, they’ve gone 64-bit only, which is a great move that I applaud!  If you’re not sure what all this 32/64 bit stuff means, click here to find out!

This means that all existing FFGL plugins (including mine) need to be upgraded to 64-bit in order to work with Resolume 6.

The good news is that I’m working on this right now and should be releasing them in time for Black Friday (24th November 2017).

fugFeedback working in Resolume 6

The other good news is that fugFeedback now works on layers, and fugScope is now a source plugin, not an effect.

There isn’t really any bad news, other than we now have lots of you out there who are probably have some questions about migrating to the new plugins.

Firstly, there will not be an automatic upgrade.  I think you’d agree that the plugins are really cheap so if you can afford to be running Resolume, I reckon you can afford to buy the plugins again.  All the money goes to supporting creative software development and art!

Secondly, I’ve had people buying the 32-bit plugins for Resolume 6 and emailing me that they don’t work.  If you bought these plugins since the beginning of October 2017, I will give you a free voucher so you can get the 64-bit ones when they are released.

Let me know any comments, suggestions, or queries you may have!

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