Existential Pocket Email Phone Beat Poem

I’m always exploring new ways to interact with technology to create art.  This one happened by accident.

I received an email on my phone this morning from Ben Rometsch, the chap who invited me to talk at the Digital Shoreditch event today.  Somehow, while the phone was still in my pocket, and I was walking through Brighton, it managed to get into reply mode.

The following message was generated by a combination of touch-screen operation from my thigh and auto-completion.

If you read the ‘Y’s as ‘Why’s it becomes a rather enjoyable existential beat poem.  I should like to see someone perform it.

Subject: The psww69eyzowozyroazzwzzpewwtuoReppip! [*[/) – [/*/=)! [=/: Talk tomorrow

I y y. Y. Please y. Y.. Pl.) y? Y? Yy. Yy. Please. Yypy. Y. Please?. Y? I? Y. Y y? Y?,?,
Yy? Y y? )y.y.? yy? Y? e. Yy.? Y. Y? Yy..y. Ypoyp? Yy.?. YY? e. Yy… Yy. Y. Y? Y. e. Y. Y. Y.. . ease.. Please… Y y. Please!. Y? Yy? Yy? Yy? Yy.? Y).. Yy. .. Yy. YyY? Y

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