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fugScreenCapture is a utility that allows you to capture all or part the window of an application running on your computer, and send it as a video stream to other applications that support the bigfug video streaming system.

NOTE: fugScreenCapture is currently in development, which means:

  • It’s currently only available for Windows – OSX and Linux versions are planned
  • It uses only the most basic window capture method, so:
    • The speed of capture might not be that fast on your system
    • It might not be able to capture all windows

You can download a demo version to try the capture performance out on your system and see if it meets your requirements.

Download Demo

Full Version

If fugScreenCapture is working for you and you want to get the full version that enables the streaming functionality, then go here:


Window List

The top pull-down box contains a list of windows available for capture.  Some have names,  if they are available, others are just numbers.

The list is a snapshot of all the windows that were currently open when fugScreenCapture was run.  If you start an application that you want to capture after launching fugScreenCapture, you can hit the Refresh button to scan the system for windows again.

Preview Window

Underneath the window list is the preview window that shows a snapshot of the window currently selected in the window list.

Known Issues

Most of the windows in the window list will appear black, which is either because:

  • They are minimised
  • They are using some drawing method that fugScreenCapture can’t handle yet (such as DirectX or OpenGL

Window Width/Height

This is the size in pixels of the window you have selected.

Cropping Controls

Sometimes you might not want to capture the whole window so there are cropping controls that enable you to trim off pixels from the left, right, top, and bottom by increasing the values in the cropping controls.

Changes made will update the window preview.

Known Issues
  • This functionality works but it’s not very user friendly.

Input Width/Height

This is the size of the window image once cropping has been applied.

Output Width/Height

When the window capture is streamed, you might want to set a specific width and height here.  The window capture will be scaled during streaming.


These controls specify how the capture will be streamed.  They are covered in detail in the documentation for fugVidStreamTool, so we won’t cover them again here.


FPS stands for Frames Per Second, and specifies the amount of times the window will be attempt to be captured per second.

Stream Output

This button starts and stops the streaming based on all the settings above.

While it is possible to adjust most of the settings during streaming, it is advisable to stop streaming before making changes.

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