Tutorial #4 – Winamp AVS to VidStreamTester on OSX or Windows

Up until now we’ve been streaming video from one application to another on the same computer.  Now we shall see how we can send video from one application on one computer to another application on a different computer.


It is expected that you will be comfortable downloading and installing applications, as well as downloading ZIP archives and copying files into your Windows system directories.

You will need to:

  • Complete Tutorial #1 to install Winamp, fugVidStreamTester, AVS and test the video streaming is working
  • Install fugVidStreamTester on another networked machine


1. On the target machine, run the fugVidStreamTester 2. On the right hand side, under the Channel setting, you should see a list of numbers that look like “” – these are the network IP addresses of the target machine.  We’ll be using these numbers in a minute. 3. Set the right hand side Protocol to “Remote (TCP)” 4. On the source machine, run Winamp and open the AVS settings 5. In the Streaming settings, make the following changes:

  • Protocol = Remote (TCP)
  • IP Address = (one the IP addresses from the destination machine – NOT
  • Channel = 0
  • Compression = JPEG
  • Level = 50
  • Width = 320
  • Height = 240
  • Depth = 24-bit

6. Turn streaming on.  All being well, the video should appear on the other machine.


No video appears on the other machine

  • Try the other IP addresses

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