Tutorial #2 – Winamp AVS to Resolume 4 on Windows

In this second tutorial we’ll be connecting Winamp’s Advanced Visualisation Studio to the Resolume 4 VJ software.


Because Winamp only runs on Microsoft Windows this tutorial is only applicable to Windows users.  In later tutorials we’ll see how to send the output of Winamp AVS to another computer, which could be another Windows machine or an Apple Mac.


It is expected that you will be comfortable downloading and installing applications, as well as downloading ZIP archives and copying files into your Windows system directories.

You will need to:


  1. Unzip fugVidRcvSrcGL2-WIN-x.x.x.zip and copy
    • fugVidStreamLib2.dll to
      • C:\Windows\System32 (on 32-bit Windows)
      • C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (on 64-bit Windows)
    • fugVidRcvSrcGL2.dll to
      • C:\Program Files\Resolume 4.x.x\plugins\vfx\ (on 32-bit Windows)
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Resolume 4.x.x\plugins\vfx\ (on 64-bit Windows)


1. You should follow the previous tutorial to get Winamp up and running and tested.

2. Make sure Winamp is running and streaming AVS output

3. Make sure you have closed fugVidStreamTester if you were previously running it – only one application can read from a video stream at a time

4. Run Resolume


5. On the right hand side of the Resolume main window, click the Sources tab

6. You should see fugVidRcvSrcGL2 listed under FFGL Sources (as above)

7. Click and drag fugVidRcvSrcGL2 to one of the clip boxes in the deck at the top of the screen


8. If WinAmp AVS is running and streaming, you will see the clip has a preview, else it will be black

9. Click on the fugVidRcvSrcGL2 clip in the deck that you have just added to send it to the Resolume output


10. Winamp AVS will now be being streamed into Resolume 4

Tips and Tricks

You can adjust the resolution of the Winamp AVS by turning off streaming, resizing the AVS output window, and restarting streaming

You can adjust the frame rate of Winamp AVS in the AVS Editor Window -> Settings -> Display ->Windowed performance


fugVidRcvSrcGL2 doesn’t show up under the list of sources in Resolume

  • Make sure you have followed Tutorial #1 and everything is working as expected
  • Make sure you have copied the right files to the right locations – fugVidRcvSrcGL2.dll goes into the Resolume 4 plugins\vfx directory




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