Tutorial #6 – Sending from vvvv

vvvv supports FreeFrame effects so we can send and receive video.  In this tutorial we demonstrate a basic test patch that should serve as a basis for further experimentation.


It is expected that you will be comfortable downloading and installing applications, as well as downloading ZIP archives and copying files into your Windows system directories.

You will need to:

  • Complete Tutorial #3 to install fugVidStreamTool and test the video streaming is working
  • Complete Tutorial #5 to set up at least the local sending configuration

Plugins needed:

Example Patch

This basic vvvv patch takes a camera video input is pictured sending it to the fugVidStreamTool.

NOTE: currently there is a bug where the video is reversed – this will be fixed soon.

vvvv video streaming

hGN NtHjeh

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