Fugio 1.9.0 – Leap Motion and XInput

Happy Fugio Friday!

I’m back from California, somewhat jetlagged, with two new Fugio plugins!

Download Fugio 1.9.0 for Windows and macOS (get the source code)

The Leap Motion controller picks up the positions of your hands in space. It’s supported on Windows and macOS. I used it for this Theremin inspired synthesizer patch:

The Leap Motion plugin doesn’t support finger positions yet – this will be added in a later update.

The XInput plugin brings the Microsoft XBox controller into Fugio (on Windows).  It supports four devices simultaneously.

Along with the compiled Kinect plugin from last week (again, Windows only) we have a new range of exciting input devices to play around with.

Obviously two of these plugins are Windows only, which is due to the fact that the hardware is built by Microsoft, but I have Kinect support for macOS coming too via OpenNI.

I’ll be speaking (in part) about Fugio at the Lewes Light festival conference today.

Next week I’m off to Cornwall for a couple of days as I’m on an advisory panel for something exciting at the amazing Eden Project.


  • Leap Motion plugin
  • XInput plugin
  • MatrixInverse and MatrixOrthographic nodes


  • New options in serial port configuration


  • GL_INT_SAMPLER_2D had disappeared from ShaderCompiler
  • Rendering to depth textures
  • OpenGL command line option to open windows full screen