Video Streaming

A real-time Video Streaming System for Digital Artists and VJ’s

Transfer real-time video between applications on a single computer, or to any combination of Windows and OSX machines across a network.

If you work with real-time visuals in tools such as Resolume, vvvv, Quartz Composer, Max/MSP, etc, then at some point you’ve probably thought that being able to combine the graphical processing abilities of one or more of these applications would allow a greater range of creative possibilities than any one of them can provide on their own.

This system of plugins and tools has been created to allow real-time video collaboration between these applications, allowing transfer of the video output of one tool to be sent as an input to another for further processing, even if that application is on a different computer

It  allows transfer of video from any combination of Windows and OSX computers, and from older applications such as Resolume 2, Visual Jockey, Winamp Advanced Visualisation System, to the latest applications such as Resolume 4, MadMapper, and more.

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Now works with Syphon on OSX!


fugSyphonReceive takes a video stream from another application or computer and converts it to a Syphon server allowing collaboration with many software applications such as Modul8, MadMapper, Quartz Composer, and more.

What plugins do you need?

SoftwarePlatform32-bit Receive32-bit Send64-bit Receive64-bit Send
MadMapperOSXfugSyphonReceiveNot yetN/AN/A
MilluminOSXfugSyphonReceiveNot yetN/AN/A
Modul8OSXfugSyphonReceiveNot yetN/AN/A
Resolume 2WindowsfugVidRcv2fugVidSnd2N/AN/A
Resolume 3 and 4WindowsfugVidRcv2GLfugVidSnd2GLN/AN/A
Resolume 3 and 4OSXfugVidRcv2GLfugVidSnd2GLN/AN/A
Visual JockeyWindowsfugVidRcv2fugVidSnd2N/AN/A
vvvvWindowsfugVidRcv2fugVidSnd2Not yetNot yet
Winamp AVSWindowsN/AfugAVSN/AN/A

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Latest Library

The following library is required by all the tools and plugins of the video streaming system.  It won’t do anything by itself: it’s available here so you can always access the latest version.


Tutorial #1 – Winamp AVS to VidStreamTester (Windows)

Tutorial #2 – Winamp AVS to Resolume 4 (Windows)

Tutorial #3 – Network Video Streaming (Windows/OSX)

Tutorial #4 – Winamp AVS to VidStreamTester on OSX or Windows

Tutorial #5 – FreeFrame/FFGL Sending Configuration

Tutorial #6 – Sending from vvvv




  • A utility for testing the video streaming system
  • Available for Windows and OSX



  • A utility for capturing windows on your computer
  • Available for Windows