FFGL Video Feedback for Windows

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This plugin is for Windows only 

Create video feedback effects


  • Mode – switch between Alpha, Luma, and Lightness modes
  • Min Value – the low threshold for Mode
  • Max Value – the high threshold for Mode
  • Rotation – rotates the feedback
  • Zoom – zooms the feedback
  • Move Direction – direction to move the feedback (0-360 degrees)
  • Move Amount – moves the feedback in the given direction
  • Fade – fades the feedback
  • Hue Rotate – shifts the colour of the feedback

Tested on:

  • Resolume 4.2.1
  • FreeFrameDelphiHost

3 reviews for FFGL Video Feedback for Windows

  1. NexusVisions (verified owner)

    i just want to thank you for you great work with this plugins, i already owns like 4 of them and this last one “feedback” is really awesome, i can explore different dimensions of my work and boost my creativity for shure, the best of all they are almost free! giving them at that price really show you passion for programming, that keep me inspire to do things, thanx so much Alex! blessings.

  2. tco (verified owner)

    This is a fun-tastic plug in. Resolume comes with a trail and feedback plugin but this takes feedback to a new level. Alex has very intelligently crafted this plug in, it comes with several parameters , with extremely diverse results and serious fun factor. More than worth the 5 quid! I would recommend this even at 4 times the price , if at all. Thanks Alex, wish there were more like you on this planet, who think more about art and less about profiteering.

  3. alon (verified owner)

    Really amazing and useful. powerful and animatable to achieve almost generative effects.
    really well designed and has almost no bugs, besides for not being able to add it to a layer (on resolume)

    Thanks bigfug!

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